Installation and Configuration of Routers and Switches

A properly designed and implemented IT network will allow for efficient sharing of data, higher levels of security, reduced overall costs and less required maintenance. If your technology is efficiently networked, your people are too, reducing their workload and increasing their productivity. Soft Touch Network and Communication is highly experienced at designing computer networks to fit the needs of individual businesses and installing them with minimum disruption to your daily business. Whether you need a small LAN, or a complex WAN, SNC provides a comprehensive Network Design & Implementation service, fully managed from inception to delivery by an experienced Project Manager. If you require advice on network design from trained and accredited professionals

Installations & Upgrades

Initial planning for a server installation, upgrade or migration is important. Done correctly the first time, future problems and shortfalls can be avoided. Our experienced Project Managers will be with you every step of the way, from the drawing board through installation, to long-term scheduled maintenance and ongoing support.

Software Licensing

If you are in charge of keeping track of your organization's technology, you know that software presents you with a unique set of problems. Unlike hardware, software is hard to pin down. Software license user rights vary across different license schemes and mistakes are made by believing the same rights apply to all products on all purchase methods. Understanding software licensing is crucial to managing technology within your organization. Soft Touch Network and Communication can help you to understand what type of software licensing is most cost-effective for your business.

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